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About & Who are we?

Our Ethos

"The well-being and satisfaction of our customers come before profits"  

Your satisfaction

To satisfy you, we have chosen BIONEO™®© food supplements, with its natural formulas and made up of high-end ingredients, 

All Bio-Néo™®© products were created and developed from 2008, with Chlorophyll, Marine Collagen in 2008 then Astaxanthin in 2010, etc. 

Food complements 

Stop-Aging markets innovative food supplements with natural formulas and not just organic!

The selection of ingredients is based on certified quality, rich in active ingredients and meeting very strict specifications.

The ingredients with the most high-end active principles are chosen, such as Astaxanthin produced in Sweden, world expert in the cultivation, harvesting and purity of this fragile red algae.

The ingredients and their suppliers are selected and tested (control plans by regular sample) by an independent analysis laboratory, even if the analyzes provided by our ingredient producers comply with the quality requirements.

Other wellness products and its English site will gradually market products for well-being, such as air purifiers, water purifiers, and other products that can contribute to people's well-being.

    Independent biological analysis laboratory

    Our "real" laboratory is nothing less than thehe prestigious French analysis laboratory "Eurofins", with a European dimension to which we submit samples of the ingredients that make up our products, and regardless of the tests carried out by our suppliers; French, European or other...

    We systematically submit their ingredients to our independent analysis laboratory by sample. Likewise we submit the finished products, such as capsules or powder to this same laboratory before marketing these products.

    That's the only way we can claim a qualitative analysis of all our products and can guarantee a qualitative stability of our products, free from traces of heavy metals and other pollutants to claim a quality of Finished Products Nnatural and non-toxic.  

    The finished product assembly laboratory

    Our Laboratory, located in France, assembles the ingredients, mixes them, puts the formula in the form of capsules, and sticks the label on the bottle. 

    This is insufficient to guarantee lasting and blameless quality. Ingredients and finished products must be analyzed by an independent laboratory.

    Tests by the independent laboratory "EUROFINS"

     The finished products, and this on a regular basis by taking samples, are analyzed in order to detect any traces of heavy metals or other pollutants.

    see description of our laboratories:

    Marketing authorization by the French "Authorities"

    All products have received marketing authorization in France from the DGCCRF (1). The French authorities are reputed to be more rigorous with regard to food supplements than the Anglo-Saxon authorities, such as Ireland! Or, for example in other Anglo-Saxon countries, such as Malta, no certificate of authorization is required to market food supplements locally and these authorities do not issue certificates to market food supplements in Europe or in the world, knowing that each country has its own regulations. European agreements stipulate that the principle of reciprocity applies. 

    (1) Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention

    The rights to use the image, texts and marketing of BIONEO™®© Products were granted by Mr. Frederic Fallourd on May 01, 2022 to Global Bio Products Limited for its merchant sites.

    Discontinuation of Rlp Concept & Phybiotech products

    Stop-Vieillissement has not marketed RLP Concept & Phybiotech products since April 24, 2022. These products are manufactured in Spain and have not given our customers complete satisfaction.