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ASEA Cell Biology REDOX Signaling Molecules

Redox Signaling Molecules

The discovery of life-saving REDOX Signaling Molecules (MSRs) in 1998 was hailed as a medical breakthrough and awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
Since then, more than 16 research papers have been published exploring its potential in future therapies, but so far, it has been deemed impossible to manufacture and stabilize MSRs outside of the body.
In 2007, the ASEA laboratory succeeded in stabilizing MSR, which is now available as a consumer product.

It has been considered by many to be one of the greatest medical advances of our time. 
World exclusive, ASEA is the only company to offer active Redox Signaling Molecules supplementation.

MSRs are made by our body within the mitochondria, in the cell and are responsible for the maintenance of each cell and the vital communication of our immune system. MSRs keep our body free from bacteria, viruses and toxins, and organize the repair process, replacement and destruction of harmful cells. In itself, this small molecule is vital for the maintenance of our health. Low MSR levels are directly linked to all major diseases and conditions.


Signaling: designates the cellular communication between the different systems of the body (system: nervous, hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, osteoarticular, etc.)
Red (reduction): cell regeneration and rejuvenation mechanisms (anti-oxidants).
Ox (oxidation): function of destruction and elimination of parasites, pathogenic cells, toxic cells, toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc.
ASEA is the first and only perfectly balanced blend of reactive redox signaling molecules that exist outside of living cells. It restores and maintains an adequate balance within the body. It stimulates ALL the cells of the body.

REDOX signaling molecules are naturally present and produced in every cell of all living beings (plant and animal).

They play an important role in the renewal of healthy cells. Our body produces these molecules itself, even if with age, our cells contain less and less of them.
True non-neutral electronic structures, composed of water and salt, they are the native therapeutic agents of all the cells of the living world on this planet.

Everything starts to work better in your body again, just as if you were getting younger again.

Whatever your problem, ASEA will be of great help.

Please note: : ASEA does not cure anything, it is your body which will have more capacity to heal itself.

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    ASEA drink, an outstanding product

    The ASEA product is second to none. Indeed, it is the world's first food supplement to include Redox signaling molecules. Discover ASEA, an unprecedented drink on the market that uses a unique technology, based on proven scientific principles. Thanks to ASEA, many lives have changed around the world!


    RENU28® Skin Care Products

    RENU28 is a topical skin care gel. It is based on Redox signaling technology. This innovative product takes care of your body, inside and out. Your skin looks more beautiful and younger. Take the time to watch our RENU28 product benefits video, or view additional information on the benefits RENU28 can offer your skin. Thanks to this product, your skin looks more beautiful and you feel younger!

     MSR drinks and cream


    • More general energy and mental clarity
    • Disappearance of age spots, wrinkles
    • The whole problem of little…
    • Disappearance of scars, wounds, cuts
    • Articular pain
    • Restorative sleep
    • Hair regrowth
    • All cellular degenerations 
    • Any non-optimal cellular conditions


    • 12 to 20% more VO2MAX, in 15 days
    • Faster recovery after exercise
    • Less stiffness
    • Drop in heart rate


    • Boosts the immune system
    • Cellular, tissue and bone repair
    • Increases glutathione production by 500%

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