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BIONEO Marine collagen 150g pure powder

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Marine collagen powder 150g

  • 150 grams powder
  • 2 teaspoons: 4 gr of 100% pure collagen, French

    Why take Marine Collagen?

    There are two basic reasons that lead to a degeneration of our collagen tissues. The first is age, which will lead to wear and tear on our joints. The second is a disorder of our immune system (autoimmune diseases) which will turn against us and attack the healthy cells of our tissues. Whether you are in one or the other of these two cases, it is possible to find relief by regularly taking collagen hydrolyzate, as clinical studies have shown. Dietary supplements (shark cartilage, organic silica, glucosamine + chondroitin) have already been proven to relieve pain and slow down cartilage degeneration. These substances seem to stimulate the production of collagen.

    It seems obvious that the results would be better if we could easily assimilate collagen directly, which is the case with the hydrolyzate!

    In addition, studies and testimonials have shown that it is the most effective solution for limiting collagen deficiencies and thus not only eliminating pain but above all eliminating its causes.

    Expected Collagen Improvements

    • Osteoarthritis,
    • Osteoporosis,
    • Fibromyalgia,
    • Arthritis,
    • Tendinitis,
    • Ankylosing spondylitis…

    Long-term collagen intake will provide the necessary building blocks that will allow the body to repair cartilage and tendons and actually improve these conditions.

    Quantities of clinical studies have been conducted in many countries on thousands of patients, notably in Germany and the USA. They have shown all the benefits of consuming collagen hydrolyzate. They allow theimprovement of osteoarthritis problems and all rheumatic pains arising from the degeneration of articular cartilage. Finally, they have all demonstrated great effectiveness:

    • pain reduction
    • reduction in the consumption of analgesics
    • improved joint use
    • much better feeling of joint comfort.

    Numerous clinical studies, in particular those made by Adam,

    Beuker, Rippe and Moskowitz have shown that daily intake of approximately 10 g of collagen hydrolyzate for at least 6 months improves the symptoms of osteoarthritis, greatly reduced pain and discomfort, and helped rebuild damaged joints.

    The use for several months of collagen hydrolyzate leads to a marked improvement in joint problems, including joint flexibility and reduction of pain.

    Collagen hydrolyzate is therefore remarkable in improving rheumatic pain. It promotes the synthesis of all the cartilages and tendons of the joints. It improves back pain, facilitates flexibility in general and all the movements of each of our limbs.

    In addition, and this is very important for seniors, especially women, collagen hydrolyzate also improves osteoporosis. You should know that this condition is very common, especially in women after 50 years. However, its prevention is done with calcium and vitamin D supplements.

    For the bone to be able to recalcify, it is necessary that the protein matrix (living part of the bone 1/3) based on collagen is also abundant. As a result of collagen deficiencies, which promoteosteoarthritis, this deficiency also exists at the level of the protein framework of the bone. However, if the framework is not sufficient, its calcification cannot take place. It is therefore important, in order to prevent osteoporosis, to take calcium, vitamin D, as well as phosphate, but also collagen which reinforces this protein framework of the bone.

    Alongside the work on osteoarthritis, clinical work (for example that of Professor Adam) has also shown that collagen hydrolyzate improves osteoporosis, even without calcium and vitamin D supplementation. This is why collagen is also important in osteoporosis.

    Collagen consumption will also benefit many other collagen-rich organs (skin, lungs, eyes, circulatory system…).

    The collagen used here is a collagen from fish skin (pollock, whiting and mackerel) caught in the North Atlantic from production sites in Brittany and Boulogne. The amount of collagen protein (product quality index) is guaranteed to be more than 93%.

    Frédéric Fallourd therapist and naturopath

    Available in bottle of 100 capsules and box of 150g powder

    Clinical studies available on request:

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      Warning !

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      pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, people undergoing medical treatment.

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